Saturday, June 9, 2012

Post-Op Day 5 - Still in the Hospital

I had a rough start to the day today. Coming into this, I knew that my stay in the hospital would last until Thursday if everything went perfectly. I was aware that if I required blood then my stay would extend until Friday. Friday arrived and although my doctor and I had found a good combination of oral and intravenous medications to control my pain, I couldn't take the I.V. drugs home with me. I tried to replace my I.V. pain med with an oral pain med, but I awoke in excrutiating pain at about 3 am this morning. I began taking the I.V. medications again and my pain level eventually returned to tolerable levels. We're having a difficult time finding the right combination of oral medications to control my pain. I just spoke to the doctor and he has a few other oral pain meds for me to try. The one other issue I'm having is that my wound keeps coming apart at the very top, so today my doctor used a combination of glue and tape (no, not the kind offered in your local office supply store) to try to seal the wound shut. If the wound stays shut and the pain pain meds work for me, then hopefully I'll be able to go home tomorrow (Sunday).

When it comes to medications, I typically don't experience any strange or euphoric side effects. Either the medication does its job just as intended, nothing more or nothing less, or, it doesn't work AT ALL. For example, Morphine does nothing for me. Absolutely nothing. I've also discovered that Oxycodone doesn't do anything for me. However, it appears that Dilaudid makes me talk in my sleep. I think I realized this before anyone else, because I woke up several times, while in the middle of answering a question that no one had actually asked. My Mom caught on to this little side effect just yesterday when I awoke in the middle of throwing my arms into the air while counting down , "3-2-1!" Since then, she's caught me a few more times.

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  1. How are you doing now that you are home?