Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Itchy Back

My back was itching really badly last night, so I got out of bed to go put some vitamin E oil on it. Since I can't twist, I had to arrange my bathroom mirrors so that I could see my back hands-free. My bandages were just removed today and all that remains are the Steri-Strips, so this was the first really good look I've gotten of my back. What I saw was so different from how my back used to look. I didn't see the deformed landscape of unevenly protruding shoulder blades with sagging skin on one side of my back. Instead, I saw a mostly smooth surface with shoulder blades that protruded almost evenly on both sides. I can't remember the last time my back looked this way. It's amazing to think that the handiwork of a highly-skilled surgeon is capable of transforming my back into this. For so many years I never thought much about how my back looked, I just wished for it not to hurt. Once I'm done healing, I may not only be pain free, but I will also have a fairly normal looking back. I'm so grateful and I feel so lucky. I owe Dr. James Hardacker at The Spine Institute a REALLY big thank you!

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  1. I've read your other blogs, actually. How did your surgery go, Jill? It's a good sign that your back doesn't hurt after the surgery, but still, you need to stretch it out regularly, just to keep it warm and loose. Always think of staying fit, Jill. Take care.